Sunday, December 25, 2011

What's in My Z Palette 12.25.11

Hi Friends!

I wanted to start posting this on my blog and on my YouTube channel.  I have decided to combine most of the powder products, which I am using for that week, in one palette to save on time and space.  I will be changing the products out frequently so I will do updated posts whenever I do so.  It would be really interesting to see what all of you have in yours as well.  Links for my video, the Z Palette website and a picture with all the shadows labeled will be listed below.  Thanks for stopping by! XOXO

Z Palette Websites



  1. Oh youre gorgeous! What part of nevada are you from? im guessing from the NV part of your nvmakeuplover :)

  2. Hi Nicole! I have included you in my list of Kreativ Blogger Awards! Please check it out! Thanks :)

  3. hey nicole... umm..... i am new to makeup and can you suggest me some good products to start with .. like some of the most basic products...
    thank you very much ...

  4. I can't ever convince myself to spend the money on the Z-Palette even though I know it would be a good idea. It's only $20 but I guess i'm still skeptical on how it will hold up. I'm sure I'll break down and buy one eventually lol.


  5. Hey Nicole,

    This might sound weird but where do you get your eyeshadow pans from? Do you buy them like that or do you take them out of other palettes?